Pastoral Womens Council


  1. Provided educational scholarships to 104 girls to access quality education.
  2. Supported 971 learners in improving their basic literacy and numeracy through remedial classes.
  3. Initiated 6 adult literacy and numeracy classes with 310 learners, of which 87% were women.
  4. Trained 26 teachers in the enhanced student-centered teaching pedagogy known as Rapid Learning Approach (RLA).
  5. Increased community engagement in education by establishing a new Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) in 5 schools.
  6. Achieved a functional numeracy rate of 58.7% among students.
  7. Enabled 3 secondary schools to have functional school governing boards that meet four times a year.
  8. Achieved a steady increase in overall student retention over the past two years in the target schools.
  9. In the past year, 78.2% of students improved their functional literacy skills.
  10. Improved mastery of numeracy and literacy, leading to better performance in additional subjects.
  11. Implemented new counseling programs for girls within the schools to address and mitigate harmful social norms prevalent in their communities.