Pastoral Womens Council

  1. Ormanie Health Center Construction: PWC, in collaboration with community members and strategic donors, initiated the construction of the Ormanie Health Center. This project represents a significant step in improving access to healthcare for pastoralist women and their communities.

  2. Training of Women Community Health Workers (CHWs): In August, PWC facilitated the training of 40 new women Community Health Workers (CHWs) drawn from Monduli, Longido, and Ngorongoro districts. This training, supported by the respective District Medical Officers, equips these CHWs with the knowledge and skills necessary to provide essential healthcare services to their communities.

  3. Empowering CHWs: PWC supports CHWs not only by providing training but also by offering them sheep for fattening and resale, creating a source of income as they dedicate their services to their communities. These CHWs play a crucial role in various aspects of community health, including awareness creation, addressing pregnancy and nutrition taboos, monitoring adherence to treatment and medication for HIV/AIDS and TB patients, and acting as mediators and translators between patients and healthcare workers.

  4. Mobile Health Clinics and Radio Programs: PWC’s interventions have had a wide-reaching impact. Over 4,500 community members, including 300 secondary school youth, have been reached through nine mobile health clinics and quarterly radio programs broadcast on local and community radios. These initiatives effectively address the health needs of the pastoralist communities.

  5. Reducing Barriers and Discrimination: CHWs have been instrumental in reducing financial challenges and traditional barriers that pastoralist communities face when seeking essential health services. They also play a critical role in mitigating discrimination faced by pastoralist women when accessing healthcare. Furthermore, they contribute to community education on public health issues.