Pastoral Womens Council

Meet Esupat, WRLF Chairwoman, Engaresero


I was one of the founding members of the WRLF after PWC came to the village council to discuss bringing together the local women.

“On forming, our first point of concern was to improve women’s rights to land, property and personal protection. At the time, women were not at all involved in decision making in the village or at home. For example, women were not involved in decisions to sell family livestock or how to use the money. No women owned their own land either.

“Over the last few years the forum has solved spousal conflict for 10 families. Most of the issues were instances where wives were unfairly treated and not given their rights. The training we received through the WRLF meant that we were able to resolve the issues, and I am positive that more training will have even more impact in our local community. I already see more women owning land and property and this continues to grow.

“My own life has been changed through my involvement in the WRLF. I now stand in the general assemblies and speak up for my rights. All of us women now are strong and confident to stand up for our rights in front of our husbands and all men. We are no longer afraid.“The highlight of my time in the WRLF as Chairwoman came during the elections for village council. We secured 10 women representatives out of the total 25 council members. In the past we have had a maximum of four.

“I am one of the newly elected female council members. In my new role I hope that I can advocate for women’s rights and progress for this whole community. I am excited to be able to represent my fellow women as a leader.”