Pastoral Womens Council

Targets and Strategies

Positively Transform Discriminatory Social Norms:

  • Train all PWC staff on the social norms approach and curriculum by 2020.
  • Mainstream social norms change approaches in all PWC programs by 2021.
  • Engage 240 women and 240 men as advocates for gender equality and property ownership in 15 villages across three districts by 2024.

Strengthen Formal and Informal Women-Led Structures:

  • Enable 1,500 women to access, own, and control land in WRLF villages across specified districts by 2022.
  • Empower 50% of women to actively demand their rights and hold local leaders accountable in 35 WRLF villages across three districts by 2023.

The strategic plan focuses on fostering gender equality, transforming social norms, strengthening women-led structures, and empowering pastoralist women to become active decision-makers within their communities. It includes specific targets and strategies to achieve these goals over the next five years.