Pastoral Womens Council

Provide Water to the Most in Need Communities

  • Concentrate water provision efforts on Ngorongoro and Longido districts, which house remote communities in arid northern Tanzania.

  • Target communities’ participation and ownership by having them contribute to water projects.

  • Establish Water Management Committees, building their capacity to sustainably manage water projects and ensuring their registration and connection to district authorities.

  • By 2024, provide clean water to 6 needy communities in Ngorongoro and Longido districts.

  • By 2024, train 6 Water Management Committees to ensure effective management of water projects in the two districts.

Sensitize Communities to Advocate for Better Water Provision

  • Sensitize communities to advocate for improved water provision and hold local leaders accountable.

  • Enlist Women’s Rights and Leadership Forums (WRLF) to support accountability efforts.

  • By 2022, sensitize 20 communities in two districts to advocate for better water provision.

  • By 2024, secure approval of budgets and plans for water projects from 20 Village Councils and two District Councils.

These strategies aim to provide essential clean water access to communities in need while also empowering them to advocate for improved water provision and hold their leaders accountable. The goal is to enhance the quality of life for women, girls, and communities by ensuring access to a vital resource.



  1. Relief Maize Distribution: PWC provided 12,000 kgs of relief maize, benefiting 2,400 households in Longido and an additional 12,000 kgs of relief maize to 120 households in Arash. These distributions have helped address food security challenges faced by these communities due to climate change-related factors.

  2. Grass Seed Banks: PWC initiated the establishment of grass seed banks in three communities. These seed banks play a crucial role in preserving and regenerating pasture resources, which are essential for pastoralist communities.

  3. Borehole Construction: In 2022, PWC dug 9 deep water boreholes, providing access to water for over 14,000 indigenous pastoralists. This effort brings the total number of boreholes dug in Ngorongoro, Longido, and Monduli Districts by PWC to 16, significantly enhancing water access in these regions.

  4. Energy-Efficient Cooking Stoves: PWC built and distributed 130 efficient, energy-saving cooking stoves. These stoves not only promote energy efficiency but also improve health by reducing the negative effects of cooking over open flames.