Pastoral Womens Council

Building pastoral communities’ resilience and adaptation to climate change



PWC conducted community sensitization on climate change adaptation and mitigation in three districts of Longido, Ngorongoro, and Monduli. Thereafter, the communities developed action plans in 27 villages on how they will adapt to climate change. The action plans were presented at the District level for increased response towards citizens priorities in the community such as addressing food insecurity, deforestation, also the absence of extension and livestock officers to support the community. The implementation of the climate action plans is supporting communities to take mitigation measures. With increasing uncertainty regarding rain fall patterns in the region, communities have taken great strides to ensure the availability of water for people, livestock and domestic use. This has been accomplished through sensitization to protect the water source areas and introducing fines for non-compliance. PWC also trained three water committees in Kipambi, Tingatinga and Empongogi in order for them to better manage three deep water boreholes that we facilitated drilling.

Over 8,000 pastoralist women and men are benefitting from the boreholes as they no longer have to travel long distances looking for water and this has allowed them to participate in business and other development processes. Additionally, community members report having bought food stuffs during the rainy season when the food prices were low that is supporting their family’s nutrition during another longer than usual dry season.

“I am able to feed my family and sell the remaining milk to the community, selling milk has increased my financial ability, my family is safe from hunger during this draught season, and my community is happy to get the milk at this difficult time.”  Melau,Laigwanani ketumbeine ward

To further improve food-security, communities are collectively managing grazing areas, respecting the land use plan available in their villages and controlling the burning of charcoal. Check out some reflections here