Pastoral Womens Council

Capacitate Community Health Workers and Sensitize Communities

  • Research and learn from experienced organizations delivering SRH and hygiene projects in pastoralist areas.

  • Train 15 Community Health Workers (CHW) in Ngorongoro district on effective approaches.

  • By 2024, sensitize communities through 60 CHWs in Ngorongoro and Longido Districts about SRH rights, linking them to services, including HIV counseling and testing.

  • Advocate for improved health services with support from 60 CHWs.

  • Promote good hygiene practices and disease prevention through sensitization by 60 CHWs.

  • Increase support for CHWs in district budgets and plans by 2024.

Develop and Pilot FGC Prevention Approaches

  • Develop a culturally appropriate approach for addressing Female Genital Cutting (FGC), incorporating insights from Tanzania and Kenya.

  • Train 15 CHWs to raise awareness of FGC’s health impacts.

  • Sensitize communities to the legalities of FGC through Women’s Rights and Leadership Forums (WRLFs).

  • Pilot and evaluate a newly developed FGC alternative intervention in one district by 2022.

These strategies aim to empower pastoralist women by providing essential SRH services, promoting hygiene practices, and addressing the issue of FGC through sensitization and culturally appropriate alternatives. The goal is to improve women’s health and overall well-being within pastoralist communities.