Pastoral Womens Council


  1. Formation of Women’s Rights and Leadership Forums (WRLFs): Over the past year, the community established six new Women’s Rights and Leadership Forums (WRLFs) with a collective membership of 180 individuals. These forums serve as essential platforms for advocating women’s rights and leadership within the community.
  2. Resolution of Women’s Rights Cases: PWC successfully raised and resolved a total of 231 women’s rights cases, highlighting our commitment to addressing and rectifying issues faced by pastoralist women.
  3. Notable Annual Forum: The annual pastoralist women and youth forum has gained significant recognition as a platform dedicated to advancing the rights and leadership of pastoralist women and youth. This recognition underscores its importance in the community.
  4. Legal Aid Community Clinics: Our community-based paralegals organized legal aid community clinics that were attended by a total of 149 community members. During these clinics, 19 individuals received direct solutions to their legal issues, demonstrating our commitment to providing accessible legal assistance.
  5. Improved Access to Equitable Justice: The collective efforts of WRLFs, court user committees, and community paralegals have contributed to increased access to equitable justice for community members. These initiatives offer individualized interventions to address legal issues and promote justice within the community.