Pastoral Womens Council

Challenge accepted!



In September, PWC’s work received glowing international recognition as one of ten finalists in the Lever for Change Racial Equity 2030 Challenge for which we are deeply honored and indeed privileged. The dynamic and multi-layered solutions to racial inequity proposed by the ten finalists will challenge and change norms, address root causes of racialized outcomes, and create sustained conditions in which children, families and communities can thrive.
Our project will advance racial equity by advocating for system-wide changes, climate smart natural resource planning, increasing the resilience, self-reliance, and economic empowerment of pastoralist women and communities.

Since the announcement, PWC, community members, partners and our allies have been working to finalize our prospectus and benefit from the many learning opportunities that came with the award. We would not have such an opportunity if it was not for our prior and current donors’ commitment to gender equity and justice. Learn more here