Pastoral Womens Council

Climate Change Resilience and Adaptation Updates

As a result of our climate change interventions in Longido, Monduli and Ngorongoro, local government authorities, communities and NGOs have raised and committed funds amounting to over 900,000 USD in key development projects. These funds have helped communities enact local by-laws for protection of water sources and grazing land, provide food aid during the draught period, build dispensaries, fence water sources to ensure effective management of water and protect water from contamination, rehabilitate water systems and constructed new water points and irrigation systems.
Additionally, some of the climate change resilience and adaptation strategies being implemented in our target communities include the regeneration of trees that have previously been cut, pasture cropping to improve livestock grazing resources, protecting water sources and planting trees

PWC collaboration with Laikipia Women’s Association , piloted two innovations aimed to help rural communities tackle the effects of climate change. The first is a simple farming methodology designed to reuse water from household chores to irrigate trees and the second is energy-saving cooking stoves that require very little wood fuel. The facilitators engaged with 60 people, teaching them the methodology so that they could teach it to others in their villages. The activity saw the installation of these energy saving cooking stoves as well as planting of fruit trees in 30 households in Monduli and Longido Districticts. Check it out here