Pastoral Womens Council

Investing in quality education for pastoralist boys and girls


Access to quality education remains a major hurdle for many pastoralist girls and boys. In July, our community came together in a colourful harambee to raise money to complete a modern science laboratory and women made amazingly generous contributions of time, money and resources including livestock. Check out some highlights from the event here

With $27,000 collected from community members and donors, the construction has progressed and is nearing completion. We now invite you to help us raise an additional $12,000 to help equip the laboratory with essential equipment and supplies. We feel this will have lifelong impact on the lives of the learners as can be seen in this video, allowing them to explore STEM subjects, leading more of them to science-based professions which will contribute to their community’s development. Monetary donations can be made via our trusted partner Omprakash here

According to Mr. Yannik Ndoinyo, an ESS board member, “Constructing the laboratoryis an important step in ensuring learners gain practical skills in STEM subjects. It will create opportunities for pastoralist girls as well as boys to pursue careers in the sciences and play a meaningful role in the development of this community

In addition to offering a full secondary school curriculum, ESS offers a Pre-Form One, a three-month transitionary education programme for class seven primary school leavers, to improve their grasp of English, Science and Mathematics before being assigned by the government to a secondary school. Among 70 students (53 girls and 17 boys) PWC and ESS sponsored 30 girls identified to otherwise be at risk of forced marriage or early pregnancy. At the end of the course, learners showed improvements in mathematics, English and science subjects. We shall be sponsoring 25 girls to join form 1 in 2022.

We conducted teacher training and integration of new skills using the Rapid Learning Approach (RLA) approach/pedagogies in three secondary schools namely Lekule, Emanyata and Soitsambu schools. Over 130 students who had difficulties in numeracy and literacy were enrolled into RLA classes and over 40% improved their literacy competences within the first 30 days of the programme. Check out some thoughts from participants at the training here

“A struggling student who is taken through this approach will resolve their challenges and start to perform well in their studies” Tr. Agbert Tajui