Pastoral Womens Council

My dream is to become a Gynecologist

Glory Mollel raising awareness on the harmful effects of FGM and the need for parents to provide all basic needs to their children during the PTA learning visit

Glory Molel is a student at Engarenaibor secondary school. Girls from Engarenaibor Secondary school were experiencing different challenges at school and at home. They lacked confidence to speak in front of boys because they might be laughed at if they were wrong. They did not believe they could take on science or STEM based subjects because they believed that subjects like mathematics, physics, and chemistry were only for boys. At school, teachers did not encourage girls to take on science subjects; at home, parents would advise girls to take easy subjects they could handle.

Glory joined the rights club in form one and acquired different skills and knowledge, including learning about SRH and career development. Her interactions in the club helped her to gain confidence and, connect with other girls and attend conferences through the support of PWC. When she was in form three, she joined science club and was motivated to take all science subjects. She is a champion to her fellow students and uses her free time to motivate other form students to love science subject and be confident.

Glory is the rights club chairperson at Engarenaibor, and she is currently preparing for her form three school end-of-term exams. Her dream is to study to become a doctor who will support more women in her community on their health rights

“My dream is to become a doctor. Many women in my village are suffering with no health centers and little awareness of their health. Women lose their children because they don’t attend clinic. When I become a gynecologist I will support women and educate them on their health and be a champion to end FGM in our communities.” Glory Molel, Form three student, Engarenaibor secondary

Glory was attended various conferences organized by PWC during which she was always leading and encouraging others to share their thoughts on the topics under discussion.

“I am so happy that PWC introduced the rights clubs to our schools because through the clubs, I have been motivated to join science subjects. I have gained confidence to speak not only in front of boys but in front of everyone that is why I raised my hand during the meeting today so that I can give feedback on what I learned during the conference I attended and also educate my community on the importance of education and ending FGM”