Pastoral Womens Council

Organizational development



This year we celebrated our founders, the amazing women whose vision born out of a hope for a better tomorrow has been the inspiration behind PWC’s passion for equity in our community, with indigenous women at the centre of our communities’ transformative development.  Today, we are proud to keep doing the work started by our mothers and sisters before us and to see our contribution towards women’s empowerment and gender justice being realized locally and across the globe. In the coming year, we intend to share their inspiring stories.

In this last quarter we began working with 10 CBOs that work in indigenous communities to strengthen their education programmes in order to enhance education outcomes, especially numeracy and literacy, within indigenous pastoralist communities. It is our hope that through this support, we can build up representation of advocates for the rights of indigenous peoples.

In November, PWC’s application to join the International Land Coalition (ILC) was approved. The ILC is a global alliance of civil society and intergovernmental organizations working together to put people at the centre of land governance. The shared goal of ILC’s members is to realize land governance for and with people at the country level, responding to the needs and protecting the rights of women, men and communities who live on and from the land.
Our membership in this network, as in others, will bring new partnerships and more great opportunities for shared learning and innovations that take us closer to our vision for a developed society which respects human rights and justice for all.