Pastoral Womens Council

Updates from our Climate Change Resilience & Adaptation Initiatives

To help with climate change mitigation, PWC and Lakipia Women Development Organization have collaborated to train on making clean cooking cookers at Ketumbeine PWC office. Six women have been trained on identifying the right soil sample to use for the cookers, making liners and moulding the cookers and have already made eleven of these energy saving cookers. These women are trainers who will pass on the knowledge gained to others n their communities. After fourteen days of drying the cookers, they will be hardened in a kiln and ready for use.   
 We have developed a short video documenting the impacts of our climate change interventions in the target community featuring how we raise awareness, facilitate loans through ENGISHON microfinance, and expand VICOBA groups. This video includes collected stories and lived experiences from project beneficiaries. Check it out here:

With the support of a climate change resilience volunteer, PWC undertook a study to develop a climate change strategy to guide our interventions. Based on relevant literature and interviews, this community strategy will help pastoralist communities to build their resilience and adaptation to climate change. The report presents information on the scope and pace of climate change in northern Tanzania, the effects it will have on pastoralist communities in the region, and how it affects all aspects of PWC’s work in these communities. It also provides concrete and actionable suggestions for how PWC can increase its engagement on climate-related issues and incorporate them into its existing fields of work.