Pastoral Womens Council

Updates from our Health Rights Initiatives

In August PWC facilitated the training of forty community health workers (CHWs) in Monduli with the support of the District Medical Officer. The CHWs are often traditional birth attendants who we recruit and instruct on the importance of encouraging women in pastoral communities to visit the health clinic during their pregnancy and childbirth. They are critical in: breaking taboos related to pregnancy and nutrition, following up on adherence to treatment and medication for HIV/AIDS and TB patients, and acting as mediators and translators between patients and healthcare workers. They will be integrated in local health facilities to link the community to health service providers. Women across Monduli district also aired their concerns in regards to the health services offered from local providers to the District Medical Officer who was a part of our team.

Construction on the Ormanie dispensary started in August, 2022. The health center was built after the unfortunate passing of a woman with prolonged labor pain who could not make the two hour trip to the nearest hospital. The site was visited by the district engineer before building began. Members of the community have been very receptive to the project and have fully participated in clearing the site area and collecting locally available materials. They have also pledged to contribute to building a house for the doctor who will oversee the health center. Additionally, the district engineer, officers, and local government representatives from the health department promised their support during project implementation and will follow up accordingly.